"A Step In The Right Direction"
Step Forward of Oregon


You have 3 options: 

1.  You can purchase your orthotics from us directly,

2.  you can go through any of our physicians/medical professionals, or

3.  If your doctor is not already working with us you can have them contact us to set up a fitting through their office and we will do the fitting for them.


* Here are some of our accounts to serve you.  If you need more information just send me an email with "doctor contact info" in the subject line, and a detailed request for the information you would like.


Absolute Wellness Center and Spa
Colleen Hartford, South Burlington, VT

Dr. Ed Hacmac, DC, Damascus, OR 

Cannon Chiropractic
Dr. Rebecca Cannon, DC,  Hermiston, OR

Center For Environmental Medicine
Cambor Wade, Portland, OR

Summit Chirpractic
Dr. Garry Pow, DC,  Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA

Tabor Hill Clinic
Dr. Russell Marz, DC, ND,  Portland, OR

Tigard Chiropractic, Tigard, OR
Dr. Terry Erdman, DC,
Dr. Thomas Erdman, DC

Maximum Health Clinic
Dr. Pamela Paetzhold, DC, ND, LAc,  West Linn, OR

Dr. David Milroy, DC,  Salem, OR

Dr. Michael Kelber, MD,  Salem, OR

Trust Chiropractic
Dr. Patrick Hart, DC,  Jefferson, OR

Active Health Chiropractic
Dr. Jared Dance, DC,  Central Point, OR

Dr. James Said, DC, ND,  Medford, OR

Dr. Matt Sheehan, DC,  Medford/Ashland, OR