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     “After a long period of time suffering from back and neck pain, the only relief I got was from a few Reflexology sessions by Kevin Ekerson.  I recommend Kevin to anyone who is is pain and looking for an affordable pain relief solution.  It’s made a world of difference in life.  Thanks to Kevin!”
-Woody Hunter

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Kevin Ekerson, Certified Reflexology Therapist, Reiki III

     Step Forward of Oregon provides a special kind of Reflexology.  It is a blend of modalities, including techniques from Full Spectrum Reflexology (total body), Applied Kinesiology, Clinical Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Reiki, and others.

     If you have long-term pain this treatment is for you!
We specialize in chronic and repetitive strain issues, and without surgery or pharmaceutical toxins (aka:  Pharmaceutical drugs)

     Reflexology is a therapy in which we stimulate nerves (primarily in the feet, hands and ears) by specific light to firm pressure techniques to increase circulation and changes in another part of the body and thereby improve health and reduce pain.

     In some cases, it is to raise circulation and nerve action at the other end of the nerve association (for example, stimulating the kidney point will stimulate blood flow to the kidneys).  In other cases, like with repetitive strain injuries, the proper treatment can “reset” the nervous system circuit breakers that control activation of muscles, restoring normal muscle function. 

How does it work? 

Nerve endings are embedded in the feet and hands that connect to the spinal cord and to various organs of the body creating “nerve associations.”  When we stimulate these nerve endings it helps promote relaxation, improve circulation, stimulate vital organs in the body and encourage the body’s natural healing processes.  Unlike conventional medicine, Reflexology works by collaboration through the body’s nervous system, which is already trying to heal the problem.

What does treatment involve? 

     Reflexology treatments can be as quick as ten minutes, or can take up to an hour or more, and like with acupuncture, one to six sessions are recommended for optimum results.  Some results are achieved immediately, some results come after several treatments.  Some people schedule Reflexology periodically for relaxation benefits.

     The treatment involves a range of light to firm pressure to the soles, sides and tops of mainly your feet, hands, or ears.
During treatment some areas of the foot may feel a little tender and these may correlate with the problem areas in the body.  With repetitive strain injuries there is usually an instant change in muscle function, and an instant change in pain level (reduced or eliminated).  In addition, specific areas can also be addressed with direct therapy, for example, shoulders, necks, knees, hips or wrists (carpal tunnel syndrome).

What can Reflexology help?

     Reflexology can help many health problems.  Although many reflex areas will be addressed, the therapist will mostly pay specific attention to the actual problem area.

     Full Spectrum Reflexology means any areas of the body can be treated directly.  A common example is neck pain that may be relieved with reflex work on the neck muscles and ligaments, shoulder pain by direct work on shoulder muscles and ligaments, or carpal tunnel syndrome problems that are relieved by work directly on the hand and forearm.

     Reflexology is complementary with many other treatments you may be receiving by stimulating the blood and lymph circulation.  Normally people also experience relaxation and serenity after a Reflexology treatment, which encourages the healing process throughout the body.


(Kevin Ekerson has attained the Third Degree Master Level in the Reiki Method of Natural Healing)    Reiki is a gentle healing technique that has come to us from Japan.  This technique has been used very successfully to treat a wide and astounding range of mental/emotional and physical concerns.  A Reiki Practitioner is someone who has been attuned to these energies and has been instructed on how to interact with them.  

     Reiki practice is basically integrating electrically with the receiver.  Healthy movement of electrical energy in the body is essential for proper healing. 

For an advanced discussion of neurophisiology see this link:

     Most people can benefit from Reiki.  I work with people of many different age groups and backgrounds.  The Reiki practitioner is not the source of the healing, the collaboration of electrical energy is the source of the healing. 

     How will you know that it is working?   Some people experience immediate relief from pain, some feel feel warmth from my hands, some feel a cool or tingling sensation.  Some people feel nothing except for deeply relaxed and balanced.  Moreover, there is usually an increased benefit over the 24-36 hours following the session.

     To be successful as a treatment, all Reiki needs is a person who is willing to receive it.  Also, Reiki can be used anywhere at anytime.  It does not need music, incense, or anything else. 

     A note for those of you who are currently under a Doctor’s care on a regular basis:  Reiki is a wonderful healing modality and it can most certainly be used in conjunction with traditional medicine.  I am not a medical doctor and would not dissuade you from continuing to see your regular medical caregiver. 


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