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“Healing is reciprocal, when we share what we have learned with each other, we help each other heal.”

Kevin Ekerson

Step Forward of Oregon (a dba of Kevin Ekerson) is a retail and wholesale medical provider of orthotics (corrective arch supports), to support the feet and align the knees, hips, and back for pain relief and better posture.

Did you know… that at least 87% of the population has misaligned feet that cause pain somewhere in the body?  That means that you have a nearly 9 out of 10 chance that our orthotics will help you, and your feet might not even hurt!

 Our company offers more than 30 years experience in the Custom Orthotic industry and high-quality personal care for all of our customers.  Furthermore, our staff has the professional training necessary to help you with your arch support needs, and all of our products come with a money-back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

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Your Foot’s Arches
The arches of the foot are formed by a combination of bone, muscle and ligament structure.  In particular, they consist of three arches, the Medial Longitudinal, Lateral Longitudinal (both just ahead of the heel bone), and Metatarsal (under the center of the metatarsal bones).

The largest and best known of the foot’s arches is the Medial (Longitudinal) arch, which forms the hollow along the inside of the foot. Supporting the Medial arch is done just ahead of the heel along the inner side of the foot.  The Lateral arch is opposite the medial, also just ahead of the heel, along the outside of the foot.  The Metatarsal (Transverse) arch reaches across the foot immediately behind the ball of the foot.

***Our orthotic products are designed to support the hollow areas of the foot bone structure in a way that simulates the natural environment of the healthy foot, that is, barefoot on soft ground.  This provides a normalization of pressures to the feet, better alignment, and better comfort while living on the hard surfaces of modern society.

Soft Step Foot Correctors are manufactured in the USA by Step Forward Company, Levine, Arizona.

“One of the best improvements I could have made for my athletic performance and overall health.  I am never without my Soft Step orthotics; I highly recommend them to anyone needing an effective means of improving foot performance and body mechanics.  Great product and great customer service!”

Elgin Anthony Smith
NASM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer


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