How you use your orthotics can make all the difference…


1.     Shoes as big as you can stand them! Average feet lengthen about 1/2 size per 5-7 years throughout life.  Long lasting shoes can become too small for you during the time that you own them.
2.     Wool or synthetic socks, avoid cotton unless very high quality or blended with wool and/or synthetic.
3.     Vigorously massage and release tension from feet periodically or regularly.
4.     Remove added arch support from shoes for a flat foundation for the orthotics (especially athletic shoes).
5.     Remember corrective orthotics are a tool, not a crutch, and don’t need to be used in every shoe, all the time.
6.     Learn what shoe last is best for you, Straight, Semi-Curve, or Full-Curve.
7.     Rotate shoes daily.   You want your feet to adapt to the orthotics, but not to the orthotics in one particular pair of shoes.
8.     Buy new shoes before older ones are worn out, and rotate them in.  Use the orthotics to test the shoes in the store.
9.     Discard shoes that are worn out or too small.  Discard shoes with improper wear.
10.     Most athletic shoes are only good for about 6 months, even with little use.
11.     If extra cushioning is desired under the orthotics try flat insoles (this is normally not necessary because the orthotics distribute body weight evenly).
12.     Since some feet lengthen with time, be aware that you may need to have your orthotics refitted in the future.
13.     Make sure you are properly hydrated, not too much, not too little.  A good guide is 4-6 oz. of water every 2-4 hours.
14.     Diet:  Emphasize fresh fruits and fresh non-starch vegetables, and small portions of real butter, whole grains, and lean protein.  Reduce or eliminate refined wheat, starch, fatty meats, all processed foods, and excessive fluids while eating.
15.     For mail order resources offering women’s and men’s shoes in large sizes go to  Kevin’s Links.