“I walk on them all day and my heels don’t hurt anymore.  Blessings of light and love to you both.”
Erika Cunningham, MA, RN

“One of the best improvements I could have made for my athletic performance and overall health.  I am never without my Soft Step orthotics; I highly recommend them to anyone needing an effective means of improving foot performance and body mechanics.  Great product and great customer service!”
Elgin Anthony Smith
NASM Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Gym Spot Personal Fitness Training
Tarzana, CA

“After my pregnancy with Max my knees were so sore.  The Dr. said it was because everything loosens up during pregnancy, not just the hips.  I needed to do special exercises to compensate.  Before my second pregnancy with Alex, I got the inserts from you.  I haven’t had any problems during and after Alex’s because I always wear my inserts in my tennies.
Jill Kornak, Sacramento, CA

“In 2001 my wife and I took a chance on you Step Forward of Oregon orthotics and they have proven to be one of those rare products that actually have improved my life significantly.  I used to suffer from foot fatigue when I had to spend any extended time on my feet.  I had given up hiking due to knee pain.  In 2002 we completed a 1000 trek in Europe in which we averaged 15 miles per day.  Previously I tried medically prescribed orthotics without benefit.  For me this has been a truly great product.”
Jeff Scott

“Hi Kevin,
I was so pleased to receive the orthotics so quickly.
I put them in my shoes about an hour ago and they feel wonderful.  Now, Kevin, I’ve had orthotics before and they felt awful!  I was so amazed at how your orthotics actually had me walking around the house and across the street to the mail box with the ‘aaahhhhh’ sound coming out of my mouth.
Thanks so much for the break-in tips, reflexology info, foot care instructions, etc..
I’ll keep you posted on the break-in process, although I suspect that my feet will want this support for longer periods of time than is recommended.  I can tell because of the beautiful flow of energy and light, pleasant pulsing that is going on as I wear these orthotics.  In fact, I am wondering if I should take them out of my shoes so that I won’t become too energized to go to sleep tonight!
Thanks for such a good product and speedy service.”
Cheryl Coleman in San Francisco

I just wanted to tell you what a difference these orthotics have made in my life. 
About two years ago I began having hip and low back pain, eventually getting
to the point where I was virtually in constant pain and unable to do simple, basic tasks
like gardening, walking, riding my bike, playing golf, etc. and sitting for long periods was difficult.
After numerous tests by my doctor, and trying physical therapy, and acupuncture, I went to Dr. Goldeen in Astoria.
She sent my footprints to you, you returned the orthotics, and within a couple of months I felt like I was “cured.” 
I believe I got them in March or April. 
I can now do ordinary everyday things, play golf without pain, and I recently participated in a biathlon. 
I also went on a 2-hour bike ride with friends on July 4. 
I just can’t say enough about how wonderful I feel! 
Besides wanting to express my gratitude, I’d like to know how I might be able to arrange for my daughter, who lives in Seattle, to get fitted. 
Best regards,
Karen Leedom
Astoria OR 

March 23, 2009 


Thank you so much for the excellent work on my feet last weekend at 
I am estatic!!!!!!!!!. I have been telling everyone how helpful it was. I 
called my Dr. on Monday and asked him to make a referral for me to go to Proformance Rehab here in Seattle as they have 2 PT’s that do “Muscle 
Activation technique. I told him I was 65% better after one treatment of a 
half hour on each foot. 
He and his medical assistant had never heard of MAT. I described the 
procedure and my experience with it. He sent the referral on Tuesday for me to go to Proformance rehab. I have an appointment with Mark trombold.
I only found 3 people in WA that do this. How lucky they that are in the 
Seattle area. 

Patty McKee

May 4, 2009 


Thanks for working on the feet again!!! They felt better and I noticed they were even better the next morning, and again the next morning. Very nice compliment to the MAT only work with Mark here in Seattle. It pulls it all together!!!!!!!!.  I definitely went up another rung!! I know you were busy with attending to customers but I think it worked out ok. If you could can this and sell it on Ebay you would be a millionaire!!!

 I actually rode the bike on Friday, Sat, and Sunday this past weekend and kicked up the pace a notch for short  intervals…A little sore and tired after the rides but didn’t feel any worse the next day!!!!! Great to have made so much improvement after such a long Time and especially as the weather is so nice, would have been a bummer to see another cycling season go by with the old feet/ankles!!!!!!!!!!!

If I run into anyone from Southern Oregon or Northern CA that needs help I will send them to you. Too bad you are not located in Seattle but I am very grateful that I ran into you at the EXPO and had the opportunity to get a second treatment in SF.   

I have been working with Mark Trombold at Proformance Rehab in Seattle. Took about 3 weeks to get an appt and had to be on the waiting list and catch as catch can for about a month to get regular appts. He is in demand!!! We are doing the MAT work and progressing forward. It pretty much holds but its like 2 steps forward one step backward but overall forward. He also gives me exercises to reinforce the work we did……..isometric, stretching, and relearning how to walk…  What a concept.  He is a PT. His wife also does the MAT but I have just worked with Mark. They both trained under the founder of MAT in Colorado.


Patty McKee